ENKJ – Kjeller – Norway  (Driftshåndbok)

MIL aerodrome.
The flying clubs operates out of the NE corner of the airfield.
AD may be used during daylight only but not longer than 0800-2200 local time.
The gates to the airfield are closed 2300-0700 local time.

Call Airport Manager tel +47 90562416 or use www.myppr.no

Kjeller Aerodrome: 119,10 Mhz  Note RMZ/TMZ
Tower is manned only during MIL activity, else transmit blind. MIL activity has priority.

North: 59 58.2
East: 011 02.3
Elev: 354’

RWY 30/12
1357m X 30 Asphalt
TORA 1350 m
LDA 1350 m
Strenght LCN 20

RWY 30 preferred in equal wind conditions

Enter the Kjeller zone to the right of published VFR Reporting Points below 2000 feet and proceed to enter the landing pattern at 1500 feet. Left hand circuit is standard, but right pattern and straight in possible when no conflicting traffic. Vacate via twy B after landing.
Note that traffic established in the pattern has priority over traffic on long final, and left pattern has priority over right pattern.

RWY 30 preferred in equal wind condition. Use TWY A when entering the runway for take-off. Climb runway heading to min 1500 feet before turn and continue climb to min 2200 feet on course according to flightplan. Note overlaying TMA at 2500 feet.

Use landing lights when flying in Kjeller area (some vintage airplanes based on Kjeller do not have lights).
Vintage airplanes some time land on the grass NE of the RWY between TWY B and TWY C.
Be nice to our neighbours, use reduced power/rpm when possible.
Flying over built-up areas should be avoided as far as possible.

Winter operations:
Take-off and landings on black runway only. Airfield closed when runway is covered with snow. Normally no snow removal from noon Friday till morning Monday. Check with Airport Manager if in doubt.

Landing Fee:
NOK 250 including parking first night, NOK 60 additional nights. No hangar space for visiting airplanes.

AVGAS100LL, UL 91 and JetA1, self-service, only with Air BP Sterling card.

Other information:
See: AIP Norway for official aeronautical information, and also Jeppesen and the links further down on this page. The flying clubs operates out of the SE corner of the airfield.
Aircraft repair: Avitech AS, tel +47 415 51 767

Connections to/from Oslo:
Train from Lillestrøm railway station every 10-20 min workdays and 15-40 min weekends. 1,4 km walk to the railway station, turn right outside the gate and follow the street to the end.
Taxi tel +47.09080 approx. NOK600-700 (state clearly that you are by the flying clubs, address: Storgaten 90).
Hotels in Lillestrøm:

– Thon Hotell, Storgaten 25, 2000 Lillestrøm  http://www.thonhotels.no/lillestrom
– Thon Hotell Arena, Nesgata 1, 2004 Lillestrøm  http://www.thonhotels.no/arena